Thursday, April 5, 2012

Supper in Seattle

This is just a very short blog post about a super supper in Seattle!! at the vegetarian restaurant named Sutra.

My husband and I are currently in Seattle visiting our younger son and his wife before we hit the ground running on the farm next week. Last night we ate at Sutra where the chef came out to introduce the menu but started by giving thanks to the farmers who supply his food and preserve our soil. I blinked away tears of both surprise and gratitude for that deep honor of public recognition.

The food was amazing to say the least, with its creativity, visual delight, taste, and satisfaction. Here is the menu and some photos. Because the menu changes regularly due to the seasonality and availability of the food, I will actually post the menu (I grabbed one to take home) and blog more about this experience when I have more time. :)

PS - we also had a late afternoon treat at the vegan donut shop called Mighty-O, which is very popular in Seattle (my son was shown this hot-spot very soon after moving here) and was a huge treat for me. I cannot remember the last time I ate a donut, but this was vacation :), and I had already done lots of hiking up and down, up and down some pretty steep trails at Discovery Park that afternoon.

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PS - here is a link I just found (4.26.12) about the fact that Mighty-O Donuts is going to become a certified organic kitchen, which is no easy undertaking, but the owner is committed to doing this. I commend him for doing so, even if I cannot say that knowing those donuts are organic would tempt me to eat them everyday. However, I will look forward to my next donut experience on our annual trip to Seattle as a very very special treat. :)

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Garlic Guy said...

The donuts were great but dinner was better yet!