Friday, August 10, 2007

LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum

Here is new information from the Lance Armstrong Foundation regarding the first ever Presidential Cancer Forum in Cedar Rapids, IA for both Democratic and Republican presidential candidates on August 27 and 28, 2007. If you cannot go, please submit your questions. I am working on how to word mine, but it will definitely be focused on what they will do to incorporate Medical Nutrition Therapy by Registered Dietitians as a component of true comprehensive cancer care for all cancer patients from the day of diagnosis forward through recovery or hospice care.

This is your chance. Make your questions tough! Most of these candidates will not know that nutrition is not routinely part of comprehensive cancer care. Click on the title of this post to go to the web site that has more information! Please let your voice be heard loud and clear and strong - yes live strong!

The forums will be broadcast live by MSNBC from 10-12 noon Central Time.

(Here is the link to submit a question - you will need to cut and paste it into a separate browser.

How is the next commander-in-chief going to fight the
#1 killer of Americans under 85?

I am no longer content to let the cancer question go

That is why the Lance Armstrong Foundation is hosting
the first-ever LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum to
make sure our next President knows that Americans
across the country expect cancer to be a national

In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on August 27 & 28, we will ask
Democratic & Republican presidential candidates to go
on the record with their plans to fight cancer.

As a member of the LIVESTRONG Army & a leader in the
fight against cancer, I need you to be part of the
LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum, demanding
answers to the cancer question. Here's how you can get

1.Get your tickets. The LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer
Forum is open to the public & tickets are FREE.
Quantities are limited & will be distributed on a
Cut and paste this ink into a separate browser:

2.Submit your questions. Lance Armstrong & MSNBC
Hardball host Chris Matthews will ask candidates
questions from the public.
Cut and paste this link into a separate browser:

3.Spread the word. Ask friends & colleagues to sign
the LIVESTRONG Army petition to make it clear that our
next President must be prepared to answer the cancer
Cut and paste this link into a separate browser:

As of this week, Democratic candidates Senator Hillary
Clinton, Senator John Edwards & Governor Bill
Richardson have confirmed their participation for the
Democratic LIVESTRONG Presidential Candidate Forum on
August 27. Republican candidates Senator Sam
Brownback, Governor Mike Huckabee & Governor Tommy
Thompson have confirmed their participation in the
Republican LIVESTRONG Presidential Candidate Forum on
August 28.

The goal is to get rid of this disease forever.

The LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum gives all
Americans the opportunity to ask the candidates,
"What's your plan? And where does cancer fit into your

Together, as the LIVESTRONG Army, we can put an end to


Lance Armstrong, LIVESTRONG Army

Diana Dyer, MS, RD

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Unknown said...

Hi Diana, I thought you might be interested in hearing more questions for the LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum form breast cancer survivors and their family members. We are collecting the questions (as well as submitting them to Lance Armstrong and Chris Matthews) here:

We would appreciate any feedback.

Many thanks,