Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Holiday Giving

Thanksgiving has passed, and we are now into the full swing of the holiday season. It is the time of year that we think of gifts for special people in our lives plus giving those end of year donations to organizations whose missions we support.

I would like to take this opportunity to humbly suggest that you consider purchasing a copy of my book A Dietitian's Cancer Story to give to a person you know with a cancer diagnosis, your local library, cancer center, doctor's office, or place of worship.

You may purchase my book in English by ordering it at any bookstore. If you order it from the independent bookstore called Nicola's Books in Ann Arbor, MI, either by calling the store at 734/662-0600 or directly from their web site, you may request that I stop by the store to personally autograph the book any way you wish.

My book (both English and Spanish versions) may also be purchased from If you order from Amazon, please visit my web site first at, click on books, and then click on my book or any book listed to go to Amazon's web site. I participate in the Amazon Associates Program, which pays me a small percentage of the dollar amount of everything you order through Amazon's web site on that visit (everything, not just books!). This small amount of money paid to me helps to pay my web site costs, which in turn helps to keep my web site free of advertising (yea!).

Last but not least at all, you may order my books (both English and Spanish) directly from AICR by calling 1-800-843-8114, asking to speak to Candi who handles all my book orders at AICR. Benefits of ordering directly through AICR are the following:
(1) Fewer middle-men take their cut this way so that more money is available for me to donate back to my endowment at AICR that funds nutrition research for cancer survivors,
(2) You may obtain great pricing for orders of 10 or more books (much better than Amazon's discounts)
(3) Candi (or other AICR staff) will love to hear from you!

For those who are considering donating money to a very worthwhile cause, please consider helping me increase the size of my research endowment at AICR by making a direct donation yourself to the Diana Dyer Cancer Survivors' Nutrition Research Endowment at AICR. Clicking on the title of this posting will take you directly to the page on AICR's web site where you may donate on line. You may also call AICR directly at 1-800-843-8114 and ask to speak to Heather Morgan who is the Directory of Development. (She will love to hear from you, too!) As a special opportunity, you may request that your donation to my endowment be designated in honor or memory of someone special to you. All donations, large or small, are helpful and deeply appreciated. I would be honored to have you join my efforts to keep funding research projects that will ultimately help cancer survivors optimize their odds for long-term survival and quality of life by using nutrition.

I love the following quote:
"The great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it."
William James, American philosopher and psychologist (1842-1910)

I expect to be around for many years yet, but I do invite you to be a part of my endowment at AICR, which will outlast me as it continues funding nutrition research for cancer survivors for decades to come.

Many thanks from the bottom of my heart for your past and future support of my dreams.

Diana Dyer, MS, RD

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