Monday, May 12, 2008

Eat More Kale!

Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while has come to realize that I am just crazy about eating kale. We do have our kale already planted in the garden, hoping for a early summer crop before it gets too hot. In addition, we have one small kale plant that we apparently didn't see to pick last November and was hardy enough to winter over, even during our long, cold, and snowy winter this year. (Ann Arbor just finished its snowiest winter on record, including setting a record for the most snow in March!). That one small plant is being "babied" along (meaning being careful about keeping our dog from stepping on it when she is in the garden with us as we are planting and weeding), as I have read that those are the plants that will quickly go to seed, thus giving us "free seed" for our fall planting - yea!

Well, surprise, surprise when the mail was delivered today, I received a large envelope that was squishy. There was no return address, but it was postmarked in Montpelier, VT. Although I have heard Montpelier is a great place to live, to my knowledge I don't know anyone who lives there. The envelope contained a T-shirt that said "Eat More Kale" and a few of the cute green stickers shown above. That's all, no note, etc!

It only took a few seconds to find the likely source of my new T-shirt. Check out the web site called by Bo, the Eat More Kale Guy. What fun!! I do love people who also love kale, but maybe even more importantly, I love the fact that Bo has found an outlet for combining his thoughts and creative talents. He obviously loves what he does, and obviously many many other people love what he does, too!

I'm not sure who sent it to me, but I extend my heartfelt thanks. Hopefully I'll hear soon. Meanwhile, I'll have fun wearing my new T-shirt. It's sure to be a conversation starter! :-)

In celebration of spring, I'll end with this blessing by Saint Francis of Assisi (1181-1226):

Praised be my Lord for our Mother the Earth,
which sustains us and keeps us and brings forth diverse
And flowers of many colors -- and grass.

Yes, spring has sprung. We have finally cut our grass.

Diana Dyer, MS, RD


Anna D said...

I discovered the Eat More Kale website/ T-shirt combo a few months ago and immediately thought of you :)

And I believe the mother's day fairy may have delivered it under orders of a certain shaggy haired son of yours. But I bet you have figured that out by now.

I hope you enjoy the present.

Anonymous said...

No, I don't think its a word game...ACTUALLY I don't care for the word "diet" and while YOURS is called the Breast Cancer Diet and I refer to it as the Breast Cancer Diet, I head it in my favorites titled "Nutrition and Exercise". I LOVE how you "nourish" yourself body AND's becoming rhubarb season and my "soul" needs a slice of rhubarb pie;)


Anonymous said...

OOPS, I put my last comment under the wrong header...sorry. Question? I make a salad every day using the dark leafy greens and was wondering when I make it with kale, should I cut the leaf off of the stalk or keep it on? I have been keeping it on afraid of missing out on some vital nutrients, but it is AWEFULLY tough raw. Thank you.


Diana Dyer said...

Anna, Thanks for the hint about who may have sent my new Eat More Kale t-shirt. :-) My shaggy-haired son didn't give me any hints about expecting something in the mail when he called me over the weekend, but I'll give him a call tonight. What a thoughtful and fun gift. Check out the web site for other designs, too!

Diana Dyer said...

I also take the leaves off the stiff stems of store bought kale. I often throw the stems into a zip lock bag in the freezer to add when I am making veggie broth for soups (I then remove them to put into the compost pile when the broth is done). On the other hand, if you have the opportunity to purchase other kale varieties that have softer stems or are younger than what is typically available in the grocery store, feel free to eat the stems which will be much more tasty, tender, and appetizing!!
Diana Dyer, MS, RD

Anonymous said...

Thank you Diana...and my teeth thank you;)