Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Meat free Coffee!"

Yes, you read that correctly! I had heard about this one-man coffee company in Ann Arbor called RoosRoast but had never actually looked into how to find this coffee. So I was pleasantly surprised to see a booth at the Ann Arbor Farmers' Market this morning where RoosRoast was selling brewed coffee and freshly roasted coffee beans. I stopped to talk and introduce myself to John, and talk we did, about so many things that I never even realized that the name RoosRoast is because Roos is John's last name.

I asked which was his best selling variety, and he introduced me to his "meat-free" coffee, which he called "Organic Lobster Butter Love". Oh wow! like picking up a bottle of wine because of the great looking label, I just had to purchase this coffee because of the name. He also hand-wrote on the label "Smell the butter, feel better". I can't wait to smell it and taste it freshly brewed, not just in the bag.

I grabbed these photos from John's web site to show you his booth and coffee. Check out his web site for more info about his coffee, his art, and his love of writing and meeting people. I encourage you to seek out and support your local one-man, one-woman, or small family-owned businesses, too, who are working very hard at their passion and doing their part to enrich the health of your community while keeping both the love and money flowing locally.

BTW, one last thing - I often get questions about connections between coffee and increased risk for cancer. Research has looked into this possibility extensively over the years, but to date, even the very large combined data base from 18-24 years of following the people participating in the Nurses Health Study and the Health Care Professionals Study have not shown any increased death from cancers associated with coffee intake (reported Ann Intern Med. 2008 Jun 17;148(12):904-14).

So while I still drink 3-4 cups of green tea on a daily basis for its potential anti-cancer benefits, I also enjoy great coffee several times each week just for the soul-satisfying aroma and taste. Life is too short to drink coffee that is not life-affirming in all possible aspects.

Hmmmmmmm, I LOVE the smell, in fact having the aroma wafting around my office from the bag sitting by my computer is driving me a little nutty. So, it must be time for a break to go make my first cup of RoosRoast coffee. :-)


Diana Dyer, MS, RD


Anonymous said...

You will love Roos Roast. It is addicting and wonderful! If you can, try to make one of John's coffee classes. He is a great cook!

lookinout said...

I like reading your posts. You always have interesting things to say. I also recommend people to your website from time to time. I'm an RD too.

Anonymous said...

Love your writing! Roosroast is about the people. Thanks for being out in the world sharing your gift.
Just Smell It!
See you at the Market!