Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our last strawberries for breakfast at Wimbledon

It has been a glorious month. We have eaten our own organic strawberries on ice cream, cereal, in smoothies, with shortcake, in pie, and just popping them in our mouth all by themselves (sometimes washed, sometimes unwashed just picked in the garden), which were all just sinfully delicious. However, all good things, including our strawberries, come to an end eventually. I suppose that is good, otherwise, we might actually get tired of them!

We ate the last of our berries while watching the Wimbledon women's tennis final between Venus and Serena Williams. I actually look forward to watching television only once each year, and that is for the Wimbledon finals. 2008 will be special (no matter who wins) because we sat to enjoy the match while eating our very own lucious strawberries, instead of running out to the grocery store or Farmers' Market to pick some up.

We have 3 quarts of our own organic strawberries frozen to judiciously parcel out for something special for a taste of sweet, sweet summer when the cold winds are howling during the winter. I look forward to making something special with them for Valentine's Day, a nice mid-winter special taste treat! :-)

Strawberries and rhubarb are just the beginning of summer's bounty of delicious and health-promoting fruits. Enjoy the bounty and stock up! Bon apetit. :-) :-)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Diana--I froze a bunch of my strawberries too. I am also planning on a nice mid-February treat...anything to make that month go by faster!! :)