Monday, June 21, 2010

Garlic Scapes R Us!

Woo-hoo! We made the Ann Arbor News on-line version of our local newspaper with a very nicely written article about our 18 varieties of garlic scapes that we sold at three local farmers' markets last week, complete with a photograph of garlic scapes on our farm.

See the garlic "curly-q's" in among the garlic leaves? Those are the edible garlic stems or scapes that we cut off to sell.

Photo: Spanish Roja garlic plants and scapes
Photo by Dick Dyer at The Dyer Family Organic Farm, Ann Arbor, MI

This will definitely be our last week at the local farmers' markets selling garlic scapes. In fact, we may not even have enough scapes to sell at the market on Thursday afternoon! We hope we have some scapes to keep for ourselves! We are thrilled with how successful we have been, essentially selling a new food to most people who stopped to see what this was. :-) We'll be back at the markets in August (probably at the end of that month) with 40 varieties of dried garlic bulbs!

"Cultivate your life - you are what you grow - inch by inch, row by row"

Diana Dyer, MS, RD


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Anonymous said...

I just discovered your wonderful blogs and your website. I want to say congratulations to you for being a survivor, and thank you so much for all your delicious-sounding recipes. I am readying the oven for the kale-rice-cabbage bake as I type this.
I look forward to delving into your sites in more depth, but I was so impressed I had to let you know right away!

Diana Dyer said...

Thanks, thanks!

I just had a friend visit our farm whom I had not seen for a while. She asked me if the last year of the farm work and home repair has made me more fit or exhausted. I asked if there was an "option C, i.e. both" !! :-)

Blogging is my retreat from all the work and challenges being a new farmer and also working toward actually moving out to the farm. I hope I have the time some day to actually re-read my posts and get a good sense of what all we have accomplished! :-)

Thanks for discovering my blogs and website. I hope to see many comments as you enjoy what I have posted up on my website since 1997 and blogs since 2007. Also please feel free to share all this info with your friends!