Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Michigan Cottage Food Bill again

Here is the link to the radio interview on Michigan Public Radio.  It's just the script, not the live interview. I have not heard it. The article as written is truly the "bare bones" of the importance of the Cottage Food Bill, which will permit certain low-risk processed food products to be made in a home kitchen (versus a commercial kitchen that has been inspected). The reporter actually spent most of his time talking to my husband, so I was surprised that the article included quotes from me.

A few photos of the event this afternoon:

(Photo: Governor Granholm in center signing Michigan's Cottage Food Bill with Pam Byrnes on left who sponsored the bill in the MIchigan House and Amanda Edmonds on right, Founder and Director of Growing Hope in Ypsilanti, MI, where the signing took place)

(Photo: Michigan's Cottage Food Bill all signed!)

(Photo: Growing Hope - Improving lives and communities through gardening and healthy food access)

(Photo: Ypsilanti-Downtown Farmers' Market Sign - the very first farmers' market where we were vendors, so it will always have a special place in our hearts!)

If there are additional articles I see related to this bill's signing, I'll put up some links for further information when I am not also ready to go to bed! 

Detroit Free Press article
AnnArbor.com article

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Kateri said...

Did the people who sell baked goods at farmers markets need a license prior to this bill? I wasn't aware that was needed...