Friday, August 26, 2011

"Chapter 1" - The Universe is calling Diana but cannot get through!

Words from the Universe sent the past two months - 

This is the Universe calling Diana Dyer in Ann Arbor, Michigan! I have a simple message that I have been trying to deliver to you all summer long.  I know you don't have a reliable cell phone, and even seem a bit resistant to getting your phone updated. However, I am starting to think that more than just 'technical difficulties' are the problem getting through to you. I don't usually try to connect with people through the internet, but here goes, as it seems I have no choice!

Slow down! Slow down!

Ok now! You got moved to the farm, you got your other house fixed up, on the market, and sold in near record time. You and your new daughter in law from last summer got everything done for your older son's rehearsal, wedding, and open house in mid-June, and everything was lovely and beautiful. The very next day, you started harvesting the garlic scapes, got to the farmers' market the day after that, got your full crop harvested and sold !! , even with other local farmers giving their excess garlic scapes to local chefs. You created two on-farm events where people came to pick their own scapes, choose 'fresh or wet garlic' and buy braiding garlic at your farm. I see a lot of things, but I have not seen these types of marketing done on many farms. Good for you!

Slow down! Slow down!

I sent you help when you needed it to get the garlic harvested and hung up in the barn. You and Dick and this young man were nothing short of driven to get your increased crop harvested and hung in the barn to dry in less time than it took to harvest last year's garlic. You went to the markets earlier than last year to find people waiting for you to show up. Everything is going great!! Hurray!! This is success!!

Slow down! Slow down!

Why are you still running the proverbial marathon? Actually from my view point up here, you look like you are continually running multiple sprints, all day long, each and every day, from the moment you get up in the morning until the moment you fall into bed each night.

Slow down, slow down!!

Take a day off, or two, or three, even in a row!! Take at least take an hour off! What am I going to have to do to get you to, and sounding like a very old-fashioned broken record here, SLOW DOWN??

Hmm, Diana, I see that I just used all CAPS to say 'slow down'. I am not 'angry', which I have recently heard that all CAPS may convey, but using all CAPS in this case makes me think I really mean it.  I am worried you are going to get sick, or hurt yourself, or something. You are strong and by that, I mean you have a deeply-determined spirit, but you are not (and never have been) physically strong and do not have robust physical reserve. I admit that it was both a pleasant and complete surprise to me when your doctor recently told you that you had actually developed a 'nice tricep'. Honestly, I would not have been more surprised if your doctor had told you that you had developed gills (little joke here), but even with a 'nice tricep', that does not mean you can go without a good night's sleep every night.  What is going on?

Slow down, slow down!!

I heard the timid 'ask' you sent to up to the Universe last year, for 30 more years of reasonable health to have time to do the 40 years of projects you and Dick want to do at your farm.  Later when you found your courage, I heard your 'amended ask', which I know was your true heart's desire, asking for 40 more years. I just had to smile. Most people of course are going to feel that both requests are simply 'outrageous', but I think both are reasonable. :-)

However, based on what I see you doing, and not doing (i.e. not listening to me, not sleeping well, going 100 mph all day every day, and for the past 2+ years to boot!), I am worried that even if the universe gives you these 30-40 years, you are shooting yourself in the foot now and at best, will limp through those 30-40 years instead of being able to be fully engaged and find enjoyment in the day to day activities.

Special Note Here!! I want to make myself crystal clear. I do not send 'bad things to happen to good people', but I am very concerned that something bad is going to happen to you unless you, and here comes that broken record part again, slow down.  Have you forgotten one of the 'seven habits' from the book you read a long time ago called Seven Habits of Highly Effective People'? I heard you talking about a different part of that book with your young garlic harvesting friend. The habit I'm referencing here is the one that says 'you must take the time to sharpen your own saw', which in this case means caring for yourself so you can continue to care so much for all those people and activities that mean so much to you.

Slow down, slow down!! Take care of yourself! Please!

Sigh..........I don't say 'Please!' very often. Worse, I seem to be talking to myself. Diana is not listening, not hearing, not understanding, or ignoring me. Diana, I know that you 'know better than this'. What is going on down there?

Coming Soon - thoughts rambling around, maybe even zooming through, Diana's brain the past two months..........with the goal of not having this and follow-up blog postings be too long. It may take a while to both find the time to synthesize my thoughts and write them out. Please be patient! :-)

"Cultivate your life - you are what you grow - inch by inch, row by row"

Diana Dyer, MS, RD


Uncharted Journey said...

Yo, Universe, do I agree with you!
The first time this summer that there was a long silence from
Diana, I immediately started to worry about her health. Ok, you can call me a worrier, but as a long-term cancer person(metastatic), I know that resting or meditating or just taking it easy is a healthy balance for passionate activity. All you are doing seems to make you very happy, just please take care of your body too.
So glad to hearfrom you, Elizabeth

Cheryl said...

Sounds like the 11th commandment. Please heed. Cheryl

Garlic Guy said...

Just an off the wall idea. Slow down a little!

Anonymous said...

I love your posts (and your recipes!) --- It is true that you can override fatigue when necessary, but it is also true that energy creates energy. Only you can know if you are wearing yourself out, or if you are recharging yourself through doing things you love. A whisper in the ear can remind you to check in with yourself and see what's what.

Kateri said...

It sounds like the universe got through one way or the other in the end. Hope everything is okay! Take care of yourself.

Singing in the Dark said...

A good message for all of us, Diana. Thanks for sharing!