Sunday, November 20, 2011

More recipes are moving on over!

I spent a little time last night transferring some of my recipes and past newsletters posted on my website ( over to my new blog by that same name ( where I am gradually moving the content of my website (which will be less expensive and I will have more control of the content and changes/updates).

The recipes I transferred were the Fish/Seafood Entre├ęs, and even though I had already eaten supper, my mouth was watering the entire time. I enjoyed remembering the first time I 'threw' most of these recipes together, and I could even remember the first meal for some of them.

I was surprised by how many recipes are on my website, reflecting on the nearly 15 years that my website has been in existence. I was one of just a handful, no more, of dietitians who had a personal website back in the 90's - my boys insisted that I do that! Thanks, guys, for pushing me into the world of cyberspace. It has been quite a ride, which is still going, of course. :-)

If you click on my blog link above, you will go to the homepage for that blog. It is set up a little differently than this blog with 'pages' where I am grouping post information, rather than 'tags'. You can browse by post entries or just click on the 'page' that interests you, such as Recipes or Archived Email Newsletters, etc, you get the idea.

As I look at all these recipes, I am thinking I could spend a year just making recipes I have already posted on my website and my blogs (this one and my kale blog Maybe that should be a goal for 2012, maybe just for fun or maybe to start thinking about actually putting my recipes into a book. I was rather 'bummed' at the thought a week ago when we had no internet access for some random reason, realizing that I could not access ALL of my favorite recipes - eeeeek!!!

If my blog readers have favorite recipes from my website and blogs, please let me know. I'll put those at the top of my list to make.

Oh so much food and so little time! So much fun growing food, selling food, teaching about great food, buying food from other growers, cooking food, tasting food, eating and sharing food, and last but really first, being grateful beyond words for all of the above. 

Today should be dry enough (and warm enough) to really really almost finish getting our garlic in the ground. This Fall's planting really has been 'inch by inch, row by row'. Our farm's bluebirds have already been flitting around and looking in the windows urging me to get outside and get going! So, sign off I will and get going with the rest of my day. Grateful and happy.  :-)

Happy Thanksgiving (again) to you all. :-)

"Cultivate your life - you are what you grow - inch by inch, row by row"

Diana Dyer, MS, RD

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