Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our last 2012 farm newsletter

Here is the link for the final 2012 farm newsletter. We have lots of winter projects (both inside and outside), so we'll continue to be very busy, but it feels very good to have our 2013 garlic in the ground and mulched, with the big push finally done for 2012.

The newsletter has a few photo updates plus information about a private garlic tasting event we will be hosting at our farm as a silent auction fund-raising event for a local non-profit organization Growing Hope . If you live in the Ann Arbor area (or have friends or family who live here), please consider bidding on this item (sneak preview - here is the direct link). As the auctioneer says at auctions, "Please bid high and bid often". All money goes to Growing Hope, a very worthwhile local non-profit organization dedicated to helping people in Ypsilanti, Michigan improve their lives and their community through gardening and increasing access to healthy foods.

Tonight we'll be unpacking some of our holiday decorations. It is almost surreal (and very exciting!) that we have already bought our Christmas tree.

Here is one photo of our barn at sunset (sorry the real 'glow' is behind me), but I love this photo because it shows that we have actually had time to even clean up our family garden, too, something that never got done at all last year (we planted around a lot of weeds this year, including 2011 corn stalks - ha ha - oh well!).

Our barn and family garden at sunset, November 21, 2012

Now you know we are a 'real' farm because we have piles of 'stuff' everywhere. Here are piles of top soil, wood chips, small stones, brush. We also have piles of compost and piles of field stones and larger rocks harvested from our fields. Oh, yes, we also have an enormous burn pile, stacked wood, hmm, I suppose, I am sure!, there are more piles. One thing I have learned is that nothing (I mean it - nothing) is non-chalantly thrown away on a farm. Our goal is to finally, really get organized during this coming winter so we never have to waste a minute looking for what we know is here 'somewhere'! :) 

Cultivate your life - you are what you grow (even those piles of essential supplies!) - inch by inch, row by row, 

Diana Dyer, MS, RD

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