Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sunrise on the farm

.......with Phoebe in the lead. Our snow melted during a January thaw, but really cold weather is now back with the ground frozen and Phoebe running over the property each morning searching out traces of the night time animal life, all of which she views as intruding into her ordered domain.

I know that the details in this photo are difficult to see, but if you can't initially see our dog Phoebe, she is standing in the driveway leading up to the barn.

She now has so much underfur plus fur between her toes on her feet that I do think she could stay outside all day and all night and does not understand why I feel I must go inside to warm up my hands and feet (tonight it is 4 degrees right now and last night went down to approximately minus 10 degrees in our area - brrrrr, yes, brrrrr, the house has been cool all day today).

Sunrise with Phoebe is worth the process rolling out of bed, getting bundled up, even if I am still in my PJ's underneath my down coat and warm boots and hat and gloves and scarf and..., and..., and...  I am SO slow getting ready to head out when Phoebe is already dressed and ready to go! Good thing that I am pretty sure she loves me and is (sort of) patient. :)

Cultivate your life – you are what you grow, inch by inch, row by row, 

Diana Dyer, MS, RD

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