Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm quoted about the Sunshine Vitamin

We're hearing a lot about the anti-cancer effects of vitamin D. The research is starting to show a strong pattern of reduced incidence of many types of cancer (including breast cancer) associated with higher blood levels of our sunshine vitamin.

A recently launched magazine called BEYOND: LIVE & THRIVE AFTER BREAST CANCER has an article in its most recent edition (Fall/Winter 2007) that highlights what is known so far and practical advice for increasing intake from diet and supplements. I was interviewed in this article as were several vitamin D researchers (including a professor of mine from The University of Wisconsin, Dr. Hector DeLuca - Dr. Vitamin D himself).

I take very few dietary supplements in the big scheme of what all is available and promoted as being potentially beneficial for cancer survivors. One of those is vitamin D3. From my multi-vitamin w/minerals, calcium w/D3 supplements, and a separate supplement of 1000 units of D3, I get a daily intake of ~2200-2500 units/day of vitamin D3. I have my blood levels tested about once/year and know that my level of 25-hydroxy vitamin D is right where Dr. Robert Heaney of Creighton University (another Dr. Vitamin D) recommends, which is above 80 nanomoles/liter or 32 nanogram/milliliter, levels which are necessary for normal calcium absorptive regulation. The levels for optimal health, including cancer prevention/survivorship are not known yet.

I admit that if someone were to try to take away all of my dietary supplements, I would fight to keep my vitamin D. :-)

Look for all of the current science about vitamin D to be reviewed very soon with revised recommendations released that show significantly increased recommendations from the current levels.

I was not able to find a link to the article or the magazine on line, so you'll just have to make it on down to your own local bookstore to pick up a copy of this very attractive and helpful magazine. My favorite local indie bookstore in Ann Arbor is Nicola's Books. I'm sure they would be delighted to mail you a copy if you cannot find it in your own hometown. (, 734/662-0600)

Diana Dyer, MS, RD


Anonymous said...

Hi Diana
I'm so glad to see survivors talking about Vitamin D! I agree. I think that the surface has only been scratched as to its importance to our health.

Personally, I follow Mercola's optimal range. Which is 45-50ng/ml or 115-128nmol/L.

Thanks for a great site.


Meg Wolff said...

I think that Beyond Magazine no longer exists if we are thinking of the same one. I used to read THE CANCER BLOG, mostly Jacki Donaldson's posts. She wrote an article for that Magazine, but later said that they were going out of circulation...hope I am wrong and it's a different publication. I agree on the Vit. D! Thank you for this post!

Diana Dyer said...

I was sent a copy of the magazine, which is called "beyond breast cancer". It is published by Meredith Corporation and is a special publication. Hope that helps you find a copy!

Thanks for visiting my blog. :-)

Meg Wolff said...

Oh! I will google in to find it, or call my bookstore. Thanks.

Meg Wolff said...

I just googled it in. Is this it:

Diana Dyer said...

Ok let's try again. This time I'm splitting the complete ULR that Meg suggested in her comment, so you'll have to cut and paste the pieces into one full URL in your browser. Sorry about this.