Saturday, February 9, 2008

Top 20 Recipes from my Website

Every once in a while I look at the stats on my web site, curious about what pages people are viewing. Here are links to the top 20 recipes people have viewed since the January 1, 2008. Some of these recipes have had thousands of hits, and some of these recipes brought people to my web site in the first place via search engines. After arriving, I hope those people wandered around a bit to look at the wealth of information I have compiled over the past 10 years on my web site, such as the many posted FAQs about nutrition and cancer plus the archived Email newsletters that I wrote and sent for five years.

Here are the top 20 recipes, in order of hits, complete with links back to the recipe on my web site. Feel free to print them out and also please wander around yourself. There is a "search engine" on my web site to help you find information about any particular topic, recipe, or even an ingredient.

Diana's SuperSoy and Phytochemical Shake
Black Olive Tapenade
Black Bean Brownies
Easy Minestrone Soup
Cabbage Rolls
Standard Soy Shake
Soy Shake Recipe #2
Banana Flax Walnut Muffins
Fresh Tomato Soup
Italian Butter Bean Soup
Pumpkin Muffins
Chicken Pot Pie
Broccoli Kale Soup
Janet's Best Oatmeal in the World!
Miso Salad Dressing
Simplest and Easiest Chili Ever!
Black Bean Salad
Banana Coffee Smoothie Recipe

Here is a simple grace to say while you are sharing these recipes:

Round the table;
Peace and joy prevail.
May all who share
This season's delight
Enjoy countless more.
~~ Chinese Blessing

Diana Dyer, MS, RD

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