Friday, March 21, 2008

Someone's thinking!

I just love how clever people can be with words! While searching the internet to find a recipe for roasting a whole chicken with cut up vegetables (just to make sure of the timing so those veggies will be done, since this dinner is for company, not just family), I found a web site with a newsletter called the ComPost. What a GREAT name - I do wish I had thought of that, and I am most surprised that my husband had not found that great play on words.

We're starting to cook the "pasture-raised" whole chicken that we bought in Virginia from Polyface Farms. My husband (our chicken cooker) has already said that it is evident the chicken was butchered manually, not mechanically, with a flap left to retain the legs. He is excited!!

This is our "spring chick" celebration to welcome Spring to Michigan.

Yes, it is snowing! Hopefully this is the last gasp for what has been a very long and cold winter in the upper Midwest during 2007-2008.

More to follow. :-)

Diana Dyer, MS, RD

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