Thursday, March 6, 2008

Keep this book in your purse or backpack!

I recently read an updated edition of a very popular book entitled Eat Out, Eat Right by Hope Warshaw a registered dietitian, diabetes educator and professionally trained chef. It's a VERY helpful book for those who are eating away from home several times each week (and aren't most of us in that category now?)

Here is a copy of the review I just posted on
This book is filled with information that will help you navigate menus and food preparation techniques when you are eating away from home while achieving both great health and great tasting food. Those two goals are not mutually exclusive, and Hope gives you the keys to achieving both outcomes.

I found the specific requests and questions she lists in order to help you pleasantly and assertively communicate your food desires to the servers to be especially helpful. No one wants "to make a scene" while ordering food, so Hope's background as a registered dietitian and educator plus being a professionally trained chef gives one confidence that her recommendations are easy for you to say, easy for the waiter to understand, and easy for the kitchen to execute.

The book's small size is a plus for keeping this wealth of information handy in your purse or book bag. However, the small size does mean that those of us over age 40 will need to have our reading glasses handy, too.

Here's to great taste and great health!
Diana Dyer, MS, RD

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