Friday, April 4, 2008

Diet and Breast Cancer Recurrence Article

Back on March 11 I posted my full response to food and nutrition writer Karen Ansel, MS, RD, when she asked my thoughts about the importance of diet and nutrition for breast cancer survivors. Her article has been posted on the MedTrackAlert web site. Check it out!

I've been out of town visiting in-laws and friends, coming home to a sick doggie - yikes, not fun at all. :-( This week has been spent back and forth to the vet and lots and lots of TLC, "mom care", and "dad care", too. Kaya is my first dog, and I admit to being head over heels "smitten" with her. Today she is a teensy bit better, eating by herself for the first time in a week, and finally sleeping soundly enough to be snoring a bit last night.

I'm hoping Kaya gets back to snarfing down her veggies again. Seriously! My niece watched Kaya eat a bowl of vegetables at Thanksgiving and was totally amazed! Please send us all your best woof woofs!

Diana Dyer, MS, RD

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