Friday, April 11, 2008

Signs of Spring have finally arrived!

Yes, signs of spring have finally come to the upper Midwest, after a long, cold, and snowy winter. We hit 70 degrees today although early warmth often comes with strong weather (we're under a tornado alert). Still, we'll take it!

Daffodil leaves peeking through the last fall's leaves, and rhubarb just barely peeking through the dirt. If you look closely, you'll see leaves starting to unfold.

Our trillium just peeking through, purchased at the silent auction for our boys' school in 2001 when our last son graduated from high school as a way of remembering those nice years. Next to that is our first blossom from the primroses planted in 2004 when our older son graduated from college. Tomorrow I plan to purchase a full flat at our Farmers' Market to plant on both sides of a little path around the side of the house so we actually have a "primrose path".

Pansies planted before anything else was blooming - I needed the color! Our one crocus that has survived years of digging and dislodging bulbs where I also plant impatiens plus consumption by those greedy squirrels.

Our chives starting back in full force plus one eager robin enjoying a vigorous bath in our heated birdbath.

Finally, I will always remember spring 2008 as the time we almost lost our dog Kaya. Her sudden decline was most certainly a reaction to the doggie NSAIDS she had been taking to ease the pain and inflammation in her arthritic hips. After a harrowing week during which we really thought she had died once and appeared very near death on several other occasions, and after much intensive TLC at home and lots of good wishes from across the country, she is back to life. These two photos are from this week, when Kaya finally emerged from her dark space, eager to get back to eating (including her veggies - yea!), chewing sticks, rolling over, being happy, and dashing after her squeaky toy (even with her arthritic hips).

Thanks, thanks, thanks to all who sent their love and best wishes. We are truly grateful. Kaya also says thanks (woof, woof) :-)

As spring is the season of possibilities, here is a very appropriate blessing to sign off:

May we be thankful for health and strength,
for sun and rain and peace.
Let us seize the day and the opportunity and
strive for that greatness of spirit that
measures life not by its disappointments
but by its possibilities, and let us ever
remember that true gratitude and
appreciation shows itself neither in
independence nor satisfaction but passes
the gift joyfully on in larger and better form.

~~W.E.B. DuBois

May you also see life's possibilities this spring!

Diana Dyer, MS, RD

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