Monday, March 30, 2009

Early spring photos in Michigan

A rhubarb stalk just peeking through - I think you can see the leaf.

Chives - I cut some to add to some soup for lunch.

One primrose blooming. None of the others are so brave yet. I wish I had thought to dash outside this morning to take its picture in the snow.

My favorite photo this time. It was a misty,moisty day and those big rain drops hanging on my dogwood reminded me of Seattle, where our younger son now lives. Plus I could finally see our goldfinches starting to turn gold to show off their spring finery!

Our new garden beds, built for the back deck, the only place in our backyard that we get enough sunlight for vegetables. It's still snowing a little in Michigan, but not too much and it won't last long.

Strawberry seeds planted and ready to put under the grow lights - 2 seeds to a pot - these were a "bear" to plant because the seeds are so small - see following photo.

See how small these seeds are? They are really just like the seeds on the outside of a strawberry!

Even more of a close-up to show you how small they are - Jefferson seeds from Monticello compared to a Jefferson nickle.

(Watercress seeds planted, ready to water generously, then when sprouted will go into an upper pool of our little pond.

Kaya with her toy squirrel that she takes everywhere. She has already dismantled it to find the "squeaky" but has kindly left the head on so I am not grossed out!

What little things are you seeing as signs of spring in your neck of the woods?

Diana Dyer, MS, RD


Anonymous said...


I LOVE your pictures and I too can't wait to start seeding (in GR). I wanted to start seeds this year, but got a late start so will get plants for the few things I didn't have time for and already have my garden seeds...enjoy;)


Maggie said...

I'm really interested in seeing how the strawberries come along. I've always seen them bought as plants.

Unknown said...

Well, currently the only apparent sign of spring in Seattle is that some of the local school districts are on Spring Break... I woke up to snow this morning! But I am using my break productively; fixing the bathroom.

The pictures all looked great - I especially loved the one of Kaya and her squirrel, and the raised beds on the deck should be fun! Can the deck handle the extra weight, or does dad get to have some fun with that this summer?

Diana Dyer said...

Dad built the deck to handle earthquakes! These raised beds should be no problem, except we really don't know the effects of having air temperature under them, especially in early spring and late fall. I tried looking on the web for other comments or experiences regarding this placement, but found nothing. So we'll experiment ourselves!

Kateri said...

I enjoyed your photos and little reminders of spring. I can't wait to see Michigan in Springtime when I get home. I'm looking forward to cutting chives and digging in garden.