Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What's New?

(1) Have you checked out my kale blog www.365DaysofKale.com yet? You'll find a combination of great recipes using kale or its "cousins", the many other Brassica vegetables, along with recent research and "What's in Kale?", all written to inspire you to include these healthy and delicious vegetables in your diet as often as possible (even daily!). In addition, I just posted the link to the radio show 101 Foods to Save Your Life where my friend Maggie Green, RD and I were interviewed about our passion for kale.

(2) I have also just started another blog called www.CancerVictoryGardens.blogspot.com, and made my initial post. What exactly is a Cancer Victory Garden? It is my personal fruit and vegetable gardens that I will fill with organically grown food to both nourish my body (and help keep me cancer-free) and also nourish my soul as I enjoy the connection with the circle of life by having my hands in the soil and my face in the sun and rain.

Do you have a Cancer Victory Garden?
As either a cancer patient or caregiver, have you planted one for yourself (even if you didn't call it that)? Is your cancer center growing food? Would you like to share your experiences? If so, I would love to post some photos and a short story of why you enjoy your "Cancer Victory Garden". Feel free to send me an email at cancervictorygarden (at) gmail (dot) com. Please put "Cancer Victory Gardens" in the subject line.

(3) Please feel free to print off the "Good Food Checklists" for which I have posted links on the left side of my blog. Earth Day is coming up this month, and one way to celebrate is to make a commitment to doing one more thing to help the earth by eating healthy food that nourishes and replenishes our earth's natural resources, particularly our food-growing soil.

(4) Those of you who take the time to "read the fine print" may have noticed that I added information about ordering my book directly from Nicola's Books in Ann Arbor. While any book store can order my book, and it is also available from AICR and Amazon.com, ordering from Nicola's helps to keep a locally-owned and independent bookstore thriving (instead of struggling or closing like so many have done throughout the country). In addition, I still donate proceeds from those books sold through Nicola's to nutrition and cancer survival research funded by AICR.

The added bonus for ordering from Nicola's is receiving a personally autographed copy of my book. You may request a simple signature or a personal inscription, using your own words of hope and support for a dear friend or relative. Just order the book from her web site or call the store at 734-662-0600. Nicola's friendly staff will take your order plus your message and call me to stop in to personally sign the book for you. Then the book is quickly shipped off to you or directly to the gift recipient. I know Nicola has mailed my autographed books to Australia, England, and Canada besides many of our 50 states. Doing so is a win-win-win (maybe more) relationship!

Spring is all about newness, but I think I will do short a "What's new?" update each season.

Diana Dyer, MS, RD

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