Monday, April 6, 2009

What is a *four letter word* in April?

If you guessed *SNOW*, then you are correct. Not much of a prize if you guessed correctly, but here are a few photos from this morning. A little bit more is on the way for today, but then the week will gradually warm up and get back to normal (the "50's").

You'll notice there is no photo of my one blooming primrose, because it is buried, however, the pansies on the front porch were protected enough that they are still waving their beautiful faces!

(Photo: Street scene - no school for the kids today - they are already on the sledding hill in the neighborhood park)

(Photo: Branches and buds covered with snow and ice, nearly touching the sidewalk)

(Photo: Path through our neighborhood woods, not many dog-walkers out yet this morning - we were the first on many of the paths. We had a couple of huge snow clumps fall on us while walking through the woods - good thing I had a scarf tightly wrapped around my neck to keep it from going down my back!)

(Photo: Shrubs and buds covered with ice and snow)

(Photo: Three robins walking along the plowed path in the park, looking for anything to eat in the dirt)

(Photo: Deck beds filled with snow, not compost and dirt yet)

(Photo: Michigan in April - flower pots turned over only to fill up with snow!)

(Photo: new cold frame is really cold today!)

(Photo: Hemlock bending but not breaking with snow and ice)

(Photo: Saving the best for last - now this is what I call a "bad hair day"!)

As I have said in a previous post, our snowfall was not much (other parts of the state received much more), and it won't last long. Onward and upward to real spring!

Diana Dyer, MS, RD


Anonymous said...


I live in GR and work in Caledonia and when I got to work the car parked next to me was covered in snow, but here in GR we got none which is odd for us. Enjoy what will hopefully be your last "snow day";)

Elaine said...

Oh dear, I wish the four letter word for you today had been "pink" or "bulb". Sorry to hear you had more of the white stuff -- but it sounds like it will be gone soon. I'm sure you're anxious to get your hands into something black and warm and earthy.

My four-letter word is "kale." Well, actually it was the word on Saturday because I sowed a container of Italian Heirloom Kale "Lacinato" seeds-- with thoughts of you as I was doing this. Hopefully I will be able to thin & transplant the seedlings into individual pots. Do they tolerate transplanting well?

Jen said...

Four letter word indeed. Bah.

I. need. sun.