Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snowy Farm Photos

(Photo: The road to the farm - just the right amount of snow as our county no longer has enough money to plow on the weekends - sigh..........)

We've only had a small amount of snow so far, enough to take a few photos, enough for my husband to try out the blade and the front-end loader on the tractor in order to get practiced with this new skill for clearing our long driveway before "the big one" hits us, as it surely will before too long.

The new header photo for my blog is our garlic fields under their mulch and light snowy blanket. Additional photos below with captions:

(Photo: the beginning of our small covered front porch - we would have loved to build a full front porch but money is also needed to build a barn! A new roof will be done for the whole house once the framing for the porch is finished. Brrrr, cold work!)

(Photo: View of the west and south sides of our house - west side is getting new siding and new windows. We're also adding a small window for a bathroom on the main floor, then the new siding will go up.)

(Photo: many different footprints right outside the front door of our house!)

(Photo: Snow in the prairie and on the trails - just right for walking!)

(Photo: Kaya - she just LOVES her freedom being a trail and woods dog without need for the city leash!)

(Photo: our winter bee hive in the sumac grove)

I finally got the bird feeders cleaned and filled this week at our current home and within 10 minutes, the usual winter birds were at the feeders. In addition, the squirrels (now as huge as groundhogs!) came running into the yard!

(Photo: Female downy woodpecker on the suet feeder)

(Photo: Carolina wren - it was on the suet feeder above, dropped down to the deck, and then decided it was "bottoms up" as it dropped down to the ground below)

(Photo: this suet feeder, the one closest to the house, got a lot of action, including this acrobatic squirrel)

(Photo: Another acrobatic squirrel, a female white-breasted nuthatch on the platform feeder in the background. Red-breasted nuthatches have also been zipping in and out so fast that I cannot get them in a photo)

"Cultivate your life - you are what you grow - inch by inch, row by row"

Diana Dyer, MS, RD


lookinout said...

I'd love to see you win a small lottery to use for the farm. Having the farm and the eagerness to start at what you want is very exciting. A lottery would make good reading too.

Kateri said...

It is beautiful! The house looks like a lot of work, though! =)