Friday, May 20, 2011

Which is more beautiful?

We saw the sun today for ~ 30 seconds at noon today. It was dazzling! We have almost forgotten what it looks and feels like. Fortunately, even with all the rain, our basement is still dry and our garlic in its raised beds is still ok.

Tomorrow we are supposed to wake up to sun. Even if it is forecast to be partly cloudy, that also means partly sunny! Woohoo! We won't know how to react, except unofficially, I expect a flurry of sickness to suddenly appear tomorrow as people somehow just cannot make it to work (just kidding!).

So speaking of sun, tonight while catching up (haha!) on labeling photographs I have taken, I found 4 beautiful pix of a sunset way back in February. I know these pictures do not fully capture it, but I love finally living where we can see a full skyline and feel the fullness of the earth.

I'll let you all soak in the beauty and then decide which is the most beautiful! As I clicked through them, I thought each one was more beautiful than the next and simply could not decide myself.

I don't know if the sunrise or sunset tomorrow will be as beautiful as these, but I'll be sure to look and appreciate it and then reflect back on this sunset-stunner back in February when we still had considerable snow on the ground, and be grateful that, even without sun, at least we are snow-free. :-)

Now you can see why it was hard for me to decide! I know I took these photos wanting to use one of them as the header for my blog - whoops, well that did not happen! So now I'll look forward to seeing another one (sunrise or sunset) that even surpasses these to use in that way in upcoming months. As I have said before, I just love having things to look forward to. That little habit of mine has carried me through a lot of the uncertainty of being a cancer survivor. :-)

"Cultivate your life - you are what you grow - inch by inch, row by row"

Diana Dyer, MS, RD


Elaine said...

I'm glad you didn't decide and just pick one to post because we are treated to all four images of the sky.
I don't miss winter at all...except for sunsets like these.

Elaine said...

Birds & their songs lift my heart, too. And I do love this Emily Dickinson poem.

Hope and beauty -- yes, I think we need them but we also need to _look_ for them (rather than wait for them) daily. I had my recent experience sitting on a grassy mound next to Spanish Lavender this past week.