Monday, June 6, 2011

Mystery vegetable revealed!

Such good guesses. Now I want to get an Italian seed catalog, too! I was told this mystery vegetable is puntarelle (Catalogna de Galatina), a relative of chicory. If you do a search with that term, you can see images that pretty clearly match the photos I shared in previous posts, although the version I was sold was still immature, not fully bulbed out at the bottom.

I bought these beautiful, bitter greens at the Ann Arbor Westside Market from Dragonwood Farm in Clinton, MI. Now I am inspired to see what other vegetables are at the markets that are new to me! How about for all of you? Please comment if you find one. :-)

"Cultivate your life - you are what you grow - inch by inch, row by row"

Diana Dyer, MS, RD

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Kateri said...

Well, now that I know the name, I will have to look it up! I haven't been to a farmers market for quite a while, but we now have one in stockbridge on fridays. On of these days I will have to check it out.