Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A flash (or two) from the past

I suddenly realized that some of my readers have been 'with me' for a very long time when I recently made a comment about my old email newsletters, which I started writing and sending out in 2002. I remember feeling surprised by how I loved writing those newsletters, even more than developing content for my website.

I found that I especially looked forward to finding some creative way to introduce the newsletter, which was a big surprise to me, as I think that, even in 2002, I was still 'in shock' that I was an author (my book A Dietitian's Cancer Story was first published in 1997), that people continuously gave me positive feedback about the information and inspirational aspects of my book, that I enjoyed public speaking, and it seemed that I continued to enjoy writing, ALL of which would also 'shock' each of my high school English teachers and my classmates, too. Why? After transferring to a new high school in 10th grade, I was mostly silent my next three years, doing lots of observing from the side-lines as I never felt as smart as the 'smart/cool kids' and thus only rarely voluntarily offered comments.

I went back to begin reading my old newsletters, which are still available to read on my website

Knowing I am eventually going to phase out that website, I began thinking about how to transfer the content over to a blog. Thus I happily discovered that I can have a blog by the same name, "". ( I signed up tonight and have begun the blog by transferring my newsletters.

I have enjoyed re-reading them! The first two are transferred, and I will slowly continue to add the others. I don't want to lose them when that other (old and expensive to change/update) website 'goes away' (which is still in the future), so my newest blog is another place to park them for all to read. I hope you enjoy the historical perspective!

(I added the following thoughts the next morning after I posted up some quick comments upon learning of the death of Steven Jobs)

When I did a lot of public speaking to cancer survivor groups, I am sure one reason I was invited was because I am an author and thus I was expected to be able to share some words of wisdom and hope with the audience.  However, I always told my audience that I considered myself to be an 'accidental author', and the fact that I was standing at that podium as an author and even speaking would in fact 'shock' my high school teachers (who would actually be unlikely to even remember me). The lesson from sharing that painful part of my past? Never, never, never define or limit your future by your past. Have hope, have courage, jump in and start doing (or start over!) what you know you want to do (or start exploring!) or what the universe is pulling you to do, even if you do not know how you are going to do it.

Don't wait, really, don't wait..............I would not have guessed I would love writing. I would not have guessed I would have a chance to finally be an organic farmer.

Don't wait........I mean it...........don't wait.

"Cultivate your life - you are what you grow - inch by inch, row by row"

Diana Dyer, MS, RD


Elaine said...

Good morning, Diana. I can't begin the morning by standing on my favourite bridge and viewing the I'll come here instead for bright and inspirational start to the day.

OK, I'm much more ready to jump into the day. Thank you.

Kateri said...

"Never, never, never define or limit your future by your past. Have hope, have courage, jump in and start doing (or start over!) what you know you want to do (or start exploring!)"

I going to post this as my face book status. This is so good.