Thursday, October 6, 2011

My tribute to Steve Jobs

I found the following words in one of my past newsletters. What I wrote in 2003 as an observation and hopefully some inspiration is a fitting a tribute today to Steven Jobs. He was an eagle who flew among and above the pesky, pestering crows that represent life's problems and constraints. Mr. Jobs had the vision of an eagle who set his sight on a goal, lived life to its fullest potential to achieve that goal, and did not let the day to day annoyances, initial lack of support and direction, plus major set-backs keep him down among the crows (note - I mean no disrespect to crows here, which I actually enjoy watching).


A Dietitian's Cancer Story Newsletter: Winter 2003

Greetings from Diana Dyer, MS, RD, author of A Dietitian's Cancer Story

I was recently sitting in a Utah canyon when I saw a most memorable sight. A flock of ~ 50 crows plus 3 Bald eagles were flying together in a thermal updraft from the warm canyon rocks. As I viewed them all through my binoculars, I could see the crows pestering the eagles. The eagles put up with this annoyance for a while but then eventually turned as if to say to the crows, "You are only a crow. I am an eagle!" and off each eagle flew, each its separate way.

I was struck by how this real-life observation in nature resembles both our own real-life patterns and opportunities. How often do we find ourselves slowed down or bothered by the myriad of life's distractions or our own poor choices when we really do have the strength and ability within us to follow the better path; one of higher purpose and more meaningful outcome, such as healing our own spirit or that of someone else as just two examples?

Over time, many details from my recent trip will certainly fade. However, anytime I ever see a crow or Bald eagle in the future, I will remember that I have a choice in life; a choice to either hang out with the crows or soar with the eagles. 

My wish is that you will also find some meaningful aspect in life where you rise above the "I can't......" and "If only...." type of statements to "I can...", and "I did it!" I hope you take this opportunity to soar like the eagles after your cancer experience; to move from cancer victim to cancer survivor and then cancer thriver! 


Mr Jobs,
Thank you for all you did to change the world. I hope your example of vision, perseverance, and refusal to accept mediocrity will continue to inspire us all to think outside the box, think 'why not?', to achieve the best, not just what is easy, to soar with the eagles no matter where we are in life, before cancer, during cancer, or after cancer, and before, during, or after other challenges.

I did not know you, but I have a friend who does. Through that friend, I offer you my friendship, and thus as a friend I send you off with a modified meaning of 'Kia Ora', a farewell between friends used by the Maori people of New Zealand:

You can now be well, be alive, and most of all, be free
Ride that thermal as high and far as it will go. 
You've earned it, my friend.

"Cultivate your life - you are what you grow - inch by inch, row by row"

Diana Dyer, MS, RD


Alice Henneman said...

Inspiring ... I shared with my Facebook friends ... you, too, my friend, are inspiring!

Deanna - Teaspoon of Spice said...

I found your post through my friend Alice. What a lovely tribute and personal inspiration - thanks for posting.