Monday, March 19, 2012

Use the good china!

My word, it is still winter (officially) here in the upper Midwest and temperatures are forecast to hit 81 tomorrow and 86 on Wednesday! A friend casually wondered if 'the end' is coming. I said I'd be right over so we could have a glass of great wine together, also suggesting that she should pull up her garlic that is already sprouting so we could also enjoy all the 'green garlic' we could possibly eat. She is a chef and a dietitian and would be in chef's heaven, I am sure.

I could see her laughing, even by email, and then she responded by saying that she uses her good china, and her good silver (including the gorgeous silver serving piece I gave her when we moved last year), and for good measure, she spreads as much love around as she can every single day, 'just in case'. :)

I believe her - she is just that way - I love her to pieces.

And why not treat every day and every person as 'that special'? However, I confess that, no matter what, we are not planning on pulling up ALL of our garlic babies for a gigantic green garlic fest as preparation for 'the end'. If the end is near (or here), they will go down with us and the ship, because 'just in case - in reverse', we need our crop to sell and want our own 'good eats'. In reality, we'll share the love and our garlic if we are the only ones who have any. :)

Here is how our garlic looks today - it is just gorgeous. No matter if winter returns, which it likely will, they will all survive just fine.

Photo: Garlic Up! 3.19.12 - Dyer Family Organic Farm - and most of the paths are finally, finally!! dry enough to walk through without waders. :)

Cultivate your life - you are what you grow - inch by inch, row by row!

Diana Dyer, MS, RD


elizabeth said...

It looks like you give your garlic plenty of space. How many inches apart? What varieties are you growing? I'm growing 4, 4x16 beds of Chesnok Red which grows well for me here in SW Montana, but I'd like to try some other varities next year, any suggestions?

Diana Dyer said...

We plant our garlic 6 inches apart both in a row and between rows. We choose garlic varieties from organic garlic growers that are in the northern latitudes. There are dozens if not hundreds of garlic varieties and several garlic suppliers that can be found by a search engine. Find any one of them and enjoy exploring what they have to offer. Also ask around at your local markets to see if you can glean any success or 'failure' stories to help you narrow down the choices. Have fun!!