Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cooking Light Cancer Article

Here is an informative article in the new on-line edition of Cooking Light that addresses the challenges of eating well during cancer treatments complete with a variety of recipes and many helpful hints to both optimize nutritional intake and enjoy eating when experiencing side effects from cancer treatments.

I do have a few words included and appreciated the opportunity to chime in with these other experts!

If you are currently undergoing cancer therapy and experiencing side effects that cause difficulty eating (and eating well), I hope you find some helpful information in this article! Certainly all of the recipes included look both delicious and ultra-healthy to me. :)

Cultivate your life - you are what you grow, inch by inch and row by row,

Diana Dyer, MS, RD

PS - I am not sure if I did not say this or it got cut due to space constraints, but if your friends and neighbors are cooking for you during therapy, feel free to give them recipes to use. They can be family favorites or brand new ones. The important point is that you will know what is coming, what the ingredients are, what to expect, so there are no surprises. People actually appreciate this gesture and request from you because it takes the 'pressure' off of them to ask if there are foods you don't tolerate, foods you are not eating, etc, etc, without seeming too inquisitive or personal.

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