Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Get a border collie!"

From the comment section following today's NYTimes article about the benefits of a Mediterranean diet for reducing risk of heart attacks is this precious sentence from a woman named Carole who is in her 80's: 

"I have my own remedy for avoiding the "grim reaper" as long as possible. It's called "get a Border Collie", and make sure he or she gets enough exercise!! Be sure you keep up with the dog!"

I gave that comment a 'thumbs-up' rating! 

Phoebe, half Aussie and half Border Collie, keeps us on the run, being both faster than we are and also smarter than we are. 

Garlic, kale, mostly locally grown foods (no olives grown in Michigan), cooking, no (minimal) junk and processed foods to eat, our farm, family and friends, and our dog are our 'secret' to happiness and hopefully will also contribute to our longevity and a rich quality of life. (big smile here.........)

Ok, Phoebe, let's get outside and run, even with the rain, sleet, and the snow on its way today!

Cultivate your life - you are what you grow - inch by inch, row by row,

Diana Dyer, MS, RD 


Suzanne Dixon said...

Yes! As the proud owner of a border collie, who I walked for over two hours today, I can vouch for the truth in this statement!

Diana Dyer said...

Haha!! Phoebe runs and jumps, knowing her job is to chase everything that moves off the farm (including all the birds at the bird feeders) and I walk as fast as I can to keep up with her. Sometimes I am panting! We are contemplating a companion for Phoebe but it will definitely need to be a dog that can keep up with her! I hope you have time to come meet Phoebe the next time you're back in A2. :)

Robbie Palm said...

Your dog is beautiful! They are also good for our mental health,too:-) My garden buddies...I would be lost without them...robbie:-)

Diana Dyer said...

Thanks for checking in on my blog and rather random thoughts, Robbie. Thanks also for indulging me for posting up pix of our beautiful dog Phoebe, the source of a good deal of laughter in our life. Yes, like you with your dogs, we would be lost without her. As a herder, she keeps us in order in the house and gives us more exercise than we would be inclined to get just for ourselves outside during the hibernation season of winter. She is good for us!