Friday, May 6, 2011

Thanks to all my polite friends!

For what? For not telling me that I've been wearing mis-matched shoes. One is an old pair I have used mostly for gardening, the other is my 'less old' pair I have used for going about town. I have no idea how long ago they got mixed up, but I think it must have been a while.

Yes, they are both white with navy blue trim, but yesterday after washing what I thought was my 'less old' pair, I did think it odd when I noticed they had two different colored insoles. Today I grabbed my 'old pair' by the heels to head out to use the shovel and saw how different those two shoes were! What???? Sure enough, when I looked in these dry shoes, this pair also had two different colored insoles.

Sigh..........mystery of yesterday's discovery solved, but where have I been not to notice this myself, either the outer appearance or how they felt on my feet? I feel like quoting Homer Simpson with a good "D'oh!"

Thanks, friends! Now I wonder what else you aren't telling me - haha!

Wow, one more reason to be glad the chaos of the past two years is winding down. Now that I actually look at these 2 pair of shoes, I think it is time to actually buy a third pair so I don't always look like I have been in the dirt when I go to town. Hopefully I'll be able to distinguish that new pair from my two old pair, at least for a few months. :-) Remember when I made a few comments about reading the book The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball? Maybe a few months of new shoes looking respectable is the most I can hope for when living on the farm!

"Cultivate your life - you are what you grow - inch by inch, row by row"

Diana Dyer, MS, RD


Garlic Guy said...

I think you are going to find that you are a trend-setter and soon everyone will be wearing similar but different shoes on their two feet!

Nancy -The Frugal Dietitian said...

I have been following the baby eagles on Webcam in Iowa if you are not familiar with - link:

Diana Dyer said...

Hey Garlic Guy! Only after I had posted up this entry did I stop to think "Why didn't my husband say anything about my fashion misstep?" LOL :-)

Diana Dyer said...

Hi Nancy
Yes I am also dropping in to check on the 3 eaglets in Iowa. I love their big feet and how their tails are developing so sitting and standing are getting easier. I also watch it for a clue of our upcoming weather! Thanks for making sure I knew about this webcam.

Nancy -The Frugal Dietitian said...

By the way - I actually wore 2 different shoes to work once. Tip - If no one notices, don't tell them, because you will never live it down!!!!My mistake!!!